After 20 years of working as a graphic designer and 10 years as an illustrator for children’s books, I have chosen to enter the conservation scene as an illustrator and painter to help bring awareness and education through beautiful visual media. My designs promote healthy habitats and environments for especially animals in the ocean and rain forests, but also worldwide. I come as an advocate and warrior speaking for the many species in the fragile or endangered ecosystems. 

As a young child coming from Northern Colorado, I had a few opportunities to vacation by the water. I was always very curious about everything on the beach and often wondered what was beneath the surface. The only way I would know was through photography. In 1996, I had an incredible opportunity to travel to Costa Rica and experience the three different rain forests. We traveled through La Selva Biological Station, a primary dry forest and Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve. We observed and learned about so many different insects, plants and animals. I lost myself taking so many photos of crabs and other “critters” scurrying on the beach. The ocean holds a rhythm with the pushing and pulling of the waves.  The smell of the salty ocean air, sounds of the roaring waves and the warm sun beating down on my skin. My life would never be the same. I will devote the rest of my life fighting to protect what I hold sacred.